Flamenco App Inspiration

Flamenco Tunes Reshuffled

The Flamenco Tutor app is a collaborative project with Flamenco dancer Niño de Los Reyes and percussionist Sergio Martinez that will help dancers configure their own music pieces for their choreographies and will help musicians to learn Flamenco comping and composition. The app offers recordings of multiple alternate takes in different Flamenco music styles. Some features include customization by sections that can be looped, instruments that can be selected and muted, and tempo that can be altered. The users will also find musical and textual notation explaining the content, as well as instructional videos and practice exercises.

Here is a looped example of a verse in the Soleá por bulería style and a screenshot of the user interface. Please note that the channel count, Channels Playing goes from 0 to 4 because what is actually played is not only one wav or mp3 file but a stream of 4 channels of synchronized audio tracks which can be soloed or muted in the app and here on this website. The right side of the user interface shows the structure of the composition with sections that can be repeated or reshuffled by dragging. A random button will shuffle each sections according to some rules that musically make sense (e.g. transitions are respected):

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