Vision on Teaching

“Why did I want to become a music teacher and what is important in my relationship with students?”

I’ll answer this question from the perspective of someone who has been teaching for 12 years now after a career change. I’m dividing my time between teaching performing (and studying).

First of all two closely related factors have driven me to even start making music and to enquire about music. The first motivation could be considered an almost selfish one, but it is counterbalanced by my second driver. I only started playing and practicing late in my teens. I always considered music only from the listener point of view and although I felt very passionate about it felt that its practice aspects were way too similar to sports for which I didn’t nourish a particular passion. I was completely wrong of course; music and sports couldn’t be more different.

I also always had a knack for languages, so the first key moment came when my bass teacher during our very first lessons (age sixteen) encouraged me to listen to as many different genres as possible without trying to be judgmental and also without having a particular goal. So, the first motivation was to make links, to learn music and to play music that was presented to me as language, more mysterious than the spoken ones and remaining until today elusive at its core.

This passion for music as a language and a cultural heritage is linked to my motivation to share that knowledge and this ties in with my teaching activities. Of course one of the main objectives is to transmit a craftsmanship but this doesn’t happen in a vacuum separated form cultural practices (listening and performing music, music industry, musicians roles etc.). I also think that because I started late in my teens which can be an impediment to reaching a state of embodiment and mastery I can relate more to students struggling with certain aspects of music making or adults picking up an instrument later in their life. These exchanges remain a source of inspiration and pleasure for me and also, I hope for my students.

“Why the choice of this subject for pedagogical research?”

Over the last 10 years I have created together with Jérôme Goldschmidt, Jonathan Levi and Alex Greenwood different educational music apps apps. While the are all centered around rhythm and use different web and game audio technologies the random element was always more of a side note. This research is for me the occasion to explore on one hand a teaching approach incorporating surprise elements but also to apply my experience with multimedia projects to create a proof of concept as the following pages intend to demonstrate.