Artist Specific Music Apps

Besides music games there is a specific category of music centric apps, software and installations that target either the music consumer or the music producer. Those projects serve as a vehicle for band promotions, CD releases or as artistic creations by artists. These are the once most relevant to my actual research, although some of their features are more centered on generative music and soundscape designs.

Björk Projects

Music apps released by musicians. Björk released different projects one is an application linked to an album but also designed as a creative tool to make music with the sounds from the album.

Björk: Biophilia

Biophilia was released in 2011, available for Android and iOS and is described as:

Biophilia is an extraordinary and innovative multimedia exploration of music, nature and technology by the musician Björk. Comprising a suite of original music and interactive, educational artworks and musical artifacts, Biophilia is released as ten in-app experiences that are accessed as you fly through a three-dimensional galaxy that accompanies the album’s theme song Cosmogony. All of the album’s songs are available inside Biophilia as interactive experiences: Crystalline, Virus, Moon, Thunderbolt, Sacrifice, Mutual Core, Hollow, Solstice, and Dark Matter.


  • Three-dimensional galactic interface with the song Cosmogony
  • Nine song apps available as in-app purchases
  • Music scores with karaoke playback
  • Abstract song animation
  • Lyrics
  • Essays
  • MIDI out to drive instruments

Björk: Solstice

Björk: Solstice is an isolated app from the Biophila suite:

At the center of the app is a sun from which the user pulls rays of light to form a circular harp of strings plucked by colorful orbiting planets; tilt the device and the orbital planes turn into the branches of a three-dimensional Christmas tree, the stars becoming snowflakes. In Solstice, Björk plays the “Solstice” song with a specially commissioned pendulum-harp which embodies the idea of gravity that was central to the song’s creation.

There was no follow up on these projects and the last one dates back to 2015, a VR recording:

Björk: Stonemilker VR

First released as an app this clip can now be seen on YouTube:

Ninja Jamm - Remix App for iOS from Ninja Tune and Seeper (2013)

This app by the made headlines in 2013 because it offered and easy and playful way to play with the electronic compositions of different artists: