Interakt Inspiration

Interakt a multiplayer collaborative rhythm game

Interakt is a multiplayer immersive arcade game designed by Alex Greenwood and me. Up to 4 players have to cooperate and compete at the same time to master rhythm challenges with auditive and visuals cues.


Interakt can be used as a fixed arcade installation or as a stand-alone app for iOS. It relies on the Unity game engine coupled with Ableton Link for wireless music sync and FMOD for generative music. A touch screen or all types of standard midi controllers can be used as game pads. A wireless version with iPhone pads was also designed. All input methods can be mixed and matched.


Four players have to cooperate to in order to keep a central sphere from expanding and finally outgrowing the play field. The game ends when the end of a level is reached or when the sphere overtakes the players.


Random rhythmic patterns

Besides the collaborative aspect the originality of the game resides in the generation of rhythmic random patterns. The linearity is broken during gameplay because all players have to solve their individual random rhythmic puzzles and still manage together to prevent the sphere from expanding. This video serves as demo purpose and shows a fast moving game session with only one player actively engaged:

Different types of music games

A broad categorization1 of music games can fall under rhythm action games and electronic instrument games. Frequency (2001) or Rhythm Tengoku (2006) are good examples of the first category of games, the most famous being Guitar Hero. Many clones appeared along the line with less mainstream2 artist choices:

Electronic instrument games are games that:

“generate music and put the game principle outside the realm of rewarding points and clear winner or loser conditions”.3

Elektroplankton (Nintendo, 2005) is a prime example:

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