Research Question

Random elements in a teaching improvisation context

In a sea of music methods, tools, software, apps, journals and books on how to teach and practice improvisation this research will focus on a single element and one main questions:

Can an element of chance, randomness and by extension the surprise that it creates be an interesting and productive factor in teaching improvisation?


In order to go beyond a purely theoretical or a literature review I created a series of interactive exercises intended as proof of concept. I hope this will allow the readers, students, and other teachers to explore the different concepts. Every exercise will be presented first and specific pedagogical questions introduced.

The main sub-question could be phrased as:

Can typical jazz improvisation exercises benefit form elements of randomness?

As with any software project specific technical questions, not directly relevant for a research on teaching, will still have to be considered. I will list the most important ones e.g. time necessary to create the exercises; time investment vs. expected results; required technical expertise interactive features of a web based app.