Improvisation Scope

Teaching Improvisation improvisation is too large a subject and not the focus of this research so I’ll only refer to my collection of documents and methods on how to teach improvisation and post the synthesis documents here.

Methods I’ll reference include:

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The following is a plan on teaching improvisation that I designed for a final assignment in Martine Bertemes' pedagogy course at the Luxembourg Conservatory:

teach impro 1 teach impro 2

Parameters Mindmap

Jazz methods summarized in this mindmap I use as a study guide for students:


Compositional and improvisational Techniques in Jazz

Saxophonist Dick de Graaf gives an overview1 of advanced compositional and improvisational techniques in the domain of contemporary jazz in “Beyond Borders. Broadening the Artistic Palette of (Composing) Improvisers in Jazz."


  1. de Graaf, D. (2017). Beyond Borders. Broadening the Artistic Palette of (Composing) Improvisers in Jazz. (Thanks to Matthias Akeo Nowak for pointing out this reference). ↩︎