Blues Turnaround

Typical turnarounds used on rhythm change or on a blues form

Four patterns (a, b, c, d) used on bar 9 to 12 of a typical F jazz blues.

Randomized turnaround options

The following playback will select one of the four options per chance. The 8 bars piano are underlaid with a 6 bar drum groove grouped in sections of 2 bars each with loops randomly picked among 4 options. This creates additional layers of variation.

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Here again the basic principle is an audio flashcard. Students of different levels can focus on specific things:

  • recognize the changes as quickly as possible
  • sing along
  • learn one options at a time
  • master all the the changes and force yourself to pick one in advance and to play it even when recognizing and option. This will is an interesting exercise and will help the students thinking less rigidly on harmonic forms e.g. a student plays option d while hearing c which functions then as a subV.