Why this Format?

I decided to publish my reflection report under the following web based format so that the reader can also listen to, explore and interact with the different examples. All audio samples are loaded quickly and will (should!) work with sufficient speed in different browsers. Furthermore, different apps and software are referenced and are part of my literature review and bibliography. For the ease of demonstration and for the benefit of the reader it’s more adapted to used video clips and interactive sequences.

The game audio engine middleware is used on different platforms from PC, Mac, web browsers to mobile playing consoles. The regular audio examples use the following player, here with the opening song of The Aquatic Museum album:

The random examples will use the following icon to indicate random features during playback or for looping. I also added a play, stop as well as mute buttons for instruments on multi track files. Here is an example from the process section about rhythmic transformations. Three different loops of different lengths and meters (4/4, 13/8 and 21/8) are randomly shuffled and the bass or the drum track can be muted. Another example on swing ratios in the Advanced Teaching Skills section also uses different loops that are randomly shuffled and adds different probability ratios to 4 different loops (3x30% and 1x10% chance). This is also a good test for the readers playback system should the buttons be greyed out or if no audio is playing:

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Publishing this content would have been difficult on a standard blog engine (e.g. WordPress) so I had to rely on different technologies. This website also offers wiki style cross-links between the reflection report research and the pedagogical research.

The main focus is not on technological aspects but the ones that are relevant to the main subject will be mentioned and linked in the following call out boxes:

Links to the different tools used on this website:

  • Hugo a static site manager
  • FMOD an audio middle-ware used in games
  • Netlify a platform that helps developers to build, test and deploy websites

The Chrome browser is recommended, but this site has also been tested with Safari and Firefox. It should function on most recent mobile devices, Android as well as iOS. On mobile devices in some rare cases it is necessary to request1 the desktop version of a website. Should you encounter any bugs or technical problems please email and I can send you all the media files in more traditional formats.

  1. https://www.cnet.com/tech/mobile/how-to-request-desktop-version-of-a-web-site-in-chrome-for-android/ ↩︎