Random opening voicings and instruments

The opening scene from the TAM app gives the user a few seconds window to press a button that will change color to red. This triggers a random chord Cmin leading to the verse 1 of the Souvenir Shop tune. Not only is the voicing randomly picked, but also he instruments playing the actual chord (piano, big band, strings).

TThe following was an experiment for the in praise of folly string trio1 with violin, viola and cello. Some voices were written out, and the final bar only gives minimal indication on what notes to play: pentatonic derived scale with a 9th, no 7nd and no 6th: alt

Here is an unedited extract of the trio playing random picks of bar 68. I left their spontaneous reactions at the end.


  1. inpraiseoffolly.co a string quartet, in their regular formation, based in Brussels. ↩︎