Randomized Hits

Chance Options in DAWS and Apps

The Time Guru metronome (cf. methodology section ) uses a random slider with a percentage setting to select the probability of drum hits being played. A gradual fade option is added to this “random mute slider":

Many DAWs and plugins offer functions to set the play probabilities although as a standard for some DAWs this is a recent1 evolution.

Drum Kit Mutes

The next exercise applies this idea to a drum kit by randomly fading out certain parts of the drum kit limited for the sake of this example to bass drum, snare and high-hat. Although fades happen randomly the exercise was constructed in a way that there are no long blanks with every element of the kit being muted. This blank setting is one key element in finding the right difficulty level for this exercise.

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The objectives can be varied e.g. as in the previous exercise use a simple exercise and play along without losing time or for more advanced players to increase the fade times and play more advanced improvisations or exercises.

  1. A chance setting for notes was only introduced in Ableton 11 on February 2021. ↩︎